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Our contribution

The Adventure River Fest is an event aimed at promoting sustainable sports tourism, boasting three successful editions in the San Donà di Piave River Park, from 2017 to 2019, and ended in 2021 with The Adventure Rivers on Tour, a voyage of discovery in special territories of the Veneto countryside, and included excursions, sports, adventure, immersion in nature, food, wine and cultural events.
The final event took place along 3 different rivers for 3 consecutive days: the Meschio, Livenza and Piave, in collaboration with the Enjoy The Rivers, Giralivenza and Piave Heritage projects respectively, with a shared planning action aimed at relaunching river ecotourism.

We took part in the conception and design of this event, its communication and promotion, both online and offline, the graphics and coordinated image, marketing, sponsorships, design of the expo areas and branding, website and newsletters, social channels and strategies, photo shoots, video production, and press office.

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