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Our contribution

Every year the international film competition Adventure Movie Awards - now at its 10th edition - selects some of the best short and medium-length adventure films in the world.
A showcase of movies focusing on interpreting adventure as exploration, experience and challenge, but also as freedom and immersing oneself in nature. An adventure which is fascinating, intriguing and a little bit intimidating: the free spirit of mankind which make some abandon certainty and head towards the unknown, to push oneself beyond and test one’s limits.
The aim is to reward films able to convey the meaning of adventure, passions and dreams onto the screen through the power of images and dialogue, emotions. Not just pure action, but also stories of people’s lives.

We organise the creative direction of the film competition, the selection of films and jury, the involvement of sponsors, the creation of video trailers, the planning of the screenings, inviting guests, communication, press office and promotion, both online and offline.

Other adventures

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