ADVenture Agency

A Creative Hub operating in the sector of sports, outdoor and sustainable tourism, specialising in open air and nature activities. A team of professionals who have been working on strategic and operative communication, marketing and event organisation solutions for over 20 years.


Sport as a value, communication all-round, tailor-made events, liaising with athletes.
We promote, respect and care for the environment around us with connecting experiences designed to change our perception and lifestyle. We work with you to better communicate sustainability.
The core of our project is out there, in nature, the lifeline and source of inspiration. Events immersed in nature, on-site photo-shooting, communication and special projects.
Focused communication and marketing, highlighting culture, traditions and environment, promoting sustainable development and tourism.

Ready to go for a new adventure?

We like to let ideas run free, we follow the creative flow and then break the mould and go against the tide. Shaping new solutions while respecting our surroundings, valuing change. Unleashing resounding emotions and travelling far in time.

We are professionals, we bring innovation, creation and dynamism to the world of events and marketing and communication campaigns. We devise solutions in a broad and integrated manner, throughout the real and virtual worlds.

Our natural habitat? Events, Communication, Marketing, New Media, Advertising, Web Design, Visual Arts and more.

  • Conventional and Digital Communication
  • Integrated Communication
  • Coordinated Image & Brand Identity
  • Corporate Communication
  • Copywriting & Content Production
  • Storytelling
  • Territorial Marketing
  • Press Office & PR
  • Media relations (national, international and trade)
  • Relations with celebrities and athletes
  • Press trips
  • Digital PR
  • Digital Transformation
  • Social Media Strategy & Management
  • Web & Social Media Marketing
  • Web Design
  • E-commerce
  • Online Advertising
  • Digital Storytelling
  • Email Marketing
  • B2C Events
  • Festivals
  • B2B Events & Meetings
  • Roadshows
  • Clinics
  • Corporate Consulting
  • Temporary Marketing Management
  • Team Building
  • Visual Graphics
  • Photos
  • Videos

Our adventures

Every project featured in our portfolio is a unique adventure. From outdoor festivals to sustainable marketing campaigns. Each event is a story of passion for sport, the environment and tales connecting people. We have collected just a few of our experiences in traditional and digital communication, PR, memorable events and consultancy projects which have inspired the sports, outdoor and sustainable tourism sectors. A journey through collaborations which have brought innovation, excitement and change...

The Team

We have a flexible structure, we like to consider ourselves more of a Creative Hub rather than a classic Agency... We think of ourselves as makers of emotions and craftsmen of experiences who come together to make incredible things in order to reconnect people to themselves. A team consisting of project managers, digital managers, event managers, art directors, graphic designers, programmers, creative designers, photographers, video makers and marketing and communication experts. Multiple skills which complete each other every day and find new ways to communicate and initiating, promoting and organising projects.

Our goal is to accompany companies, brands and organisations along new communication and marketing paths and lead them towards unexplored adventures and horizons.

Fabio Cavallari
The non-conformist dreamer
So visionary that sometimes you have to bring him back down to earth... He turns the impossible into possible. Dynamic, against the grain, he puts his soul in everything. He dreams of a world outside the box and in harmony with nature. The best ideas simply flow and appear in the most unexpected places and moments of course!
Jacopo Secchi
The digital polyathlete
Digital & Project Manager
Firmly clutching his iPhone, whether he is in the office or practising any of his (too many) sporting activities. Energetic, enthusiastic and hyperactive. Never offer him coffee... Having turned his passions into a profession, this is what keeps him going every day.
Nicole Cavallari
Wonder Woman in business
Coordination & Administration
Turning down an international career at the European Commission might be crazy, let alone becoming a successful manager on an international scale. Besides this (in her spare time) Nicole juggles between teaching yoga and coordinating events. In short, she tries to balance our reality and bring even the most creative spirits into line!
Marco Vitaletti
The night developer
With a biorhythm all of his own, his life flows from the afternoon until late at night. Don't look for him early in the morning, he won't necessarily answer you... Extremely precise and thorough, he always finds the best solution. Sometimes after long chats with AI. Passionate about sailing, he also admits to playing padel every now and then.
Valeria Mutinelli
Dancer photographer
Photographer & Videomaker
Like an inspirational muse, she bedazzles everyone in front of the lens between hula hooping and juggling, and also behind it by alternating photos and videos full of magic. She leaps from the sofa with a packet of popcorn and outdoor cinematography, springing up at a moment's notice to activities in nature with her four-legged friend River. She’s quiet and peaceful, but don't let her spin too many circles...
Paolo Niutta
The natural artist
Art Director & Visual Designer
He never says no even when he should... Seraphic and artistic, his illustrations transport everyone miles away. Between projects he indulges in a few rides in the saddle and in his spare time he carves wooden pipes as a form of meditation. Everything he creates is a small work of art.
Marco Vagnetti
The workaholic videomaker
If there is anyone who runs after an athlete with a camera in his hand, it is not Forrest Gump, but definitely Marco! He goes the extra mile for others and never shies away from working long hours during events. Humble and quiet, he lets his work speak for itself, taking everyone by surprise.
Lorenzo Marianeschi
The ingenious videomaker
Senior Videomaker
Part architect, part videomaker, he skilfully manages his dual personality. He builds emotional storyboards, coordinating his work and that of others as if he were in a large construction site. Every moment is good for an outdoor excursion and a few photo-shoots with his distinctive Tuscan humour.
Ottavio Secchi
Serial translator
Native speaker and translator
Dual citizenship, but definitely more British than Italian. University lecturer and a job in healthcare research, his piece de resistance are translations: books, publications and websites for renowned firms. Calm and stoic, he practices yoga, but do not get him crossed by confusing British English with America English…
Vuoi collaborare con noi?
Rebel spirit
Join our crew
Our Creative Hub is always ready to meet new outdoorsy (and other) spirits, professionals and young talents. Our (virtual... we are smart workers) doors are open to anyone with good project-oriented skills and a desire to collaborate. Send us your CV, get involved in a new adventure!

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